Friday, September 24, 2010

pimped or not...

The child in me
the beauties
I found this morning

I think
it's time
for a little
customer survey...
These buttons are so irresistable
that I just have to make rings or earstuds with them!
but I was wondering:
what do you prefer? (for a ring or earstud)
just the plain buttons
or the pimped ones (picture above)

Thanks so much for your vote!


FeeSter said...

die doos knopen is zaaaaalig.
Dat maakt je dag goed!


Traveling Mama said...

I love these cute buttons! I bought some earrings recently that were similar in size, but they felt too big as a stud, but these would be amazing as rings! You will have to let us know when you finish! Hugs from Copenhagen!

vadjutka said...

how about the both option?

Nauli said...

love your photos... and the buttons

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

amazing colection!!!
have you seen my button mania? (see here:

mammamiaeme said...

Your button are absolutly lovly!