Friday, October 15, 2010

Les Fleurs Fossiles

I feel I have
to spoil myself

this time with a workshop!
(polymer techniques with teacher Lotte Demey)

I needed a little bit
creative space
for me (as september was totally filled with family and school stuff)

I was inspired me to make these 'stone' alike cabochons:

This adjustable fossile stone ring is in my shop now.

of course
a new collection is born:
Les Fleurs fossiles:)
these handformed stones are imprinted with dandelions and other flowers and leaves.

tell me
what would you like the most: brooches, rings or earstuds?

The earstuds are in my shop now!

in the picture
you get a glipse of my new haircut (another thingie I spoiled me with!) :-)


zsazsazsu said...

Ik had al een avant-premiere op Marché Bricolé en ik vind ze supergeslaagd !

NorraSud by ROROISM said...

great technique :-))

ana pina said...

They are absolutely beautiful! I love the colors you chose and the texture of the flower prints.
I believe they would turn out well anyway: broochs, rings AND earstuds :)

Carmenesque said...

They're gorgeous! More more more, in all forms and colors :-)

uma said...

Beautiful! I would love a ring with one of these stones...

Anni said...

Wow super weer, wat een leuk idee! Jammer dat ik daar zelf niet op gekomen ben ;-) Ik vind ringen/armbanden het leukste. voor oorbellen vind ik ze iets te groot en broches draag ik zelf nooit.

TisteMie said...

Wauw, supermooi! Ik ga zeker ook eens een workshop volgen met polymerclay, wist niet dat je daar zo'n mooie dingen mee kon maken.

Nauli said...

Really lovely results! They make a great new collection for your shop!

matchstickgirl said...

Fleur the little ferns are wonderful!!!!!!

kraplap said...

they are so lovely !! those earrings ....yummy

Anonymous said...

Crafty workshops are great for the soul ! Love what you came up with - beautiful :)