Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday aan valentijn gedacht??

eindelijk in mijn shop:
de Flower in a cup reeks!

je vindt ze hier.

allebei volledig gemaakt uit Sterling zilver, het roosje is plexiglas.

Now in my shop:
the Flower in a cup series: a ring and a necklace,
find them here in my shop

More saturday Shopping on Sandra's blog!


vilterietje said...

ze zien er werkelijk schitterend uit, je plexiglas pareltjes:)

noflik nifelje said...

Mooi,chique stijlvol..*noflik* weekend! Petra

Helmitarha said...

They are beautiful!

Merylu said...

Love love LOVE this rings! :)

Yael said...

Hi Greet, I so much admire your creativity and your diligence! The new rings are very lovely!
Have a nice Sunday all six of you!!

Lucie said...

I love the elegant simplicity of them!