Sunday, May 4, 2008

sugar & spice

Goh, niet veel tijd gehad om te posten,
veel te mooi weer en wat uitjes waarvan verslag later deze week
Toch nog tijd gehad voor een leuk oorhanger-ontwerpje,
Soms moet ik mezelf dwingen om assymetrisch te gaan werken, vooral in halssnoeren, maar hier ging het vanzelf, ik vraag me alleen af of iemand dit zou kopen en dragen?

Het halssnoer maakte ik met de zijden kralen uit de workshop van sjamma:
geef gerust jullie commentaar ;-)
Ididn't have much timt this weekend to post, it was such a beautifull weather, and we had a lot of dates. I still had the time to make these earrings, they are assymetrical, I like them so much, but I wonder if somebody would wear (and buy) assymetric earrings?
The necklace above is made with the silk beads I learned to made in a workshop at sjamma;
do give your comment, it helps a lot in my search for the perfect creation ;-)


ixela said...

Your assymetrical earrings are really gorgeous... I really love them!!!

ixela said...

and thanks for the english traslation!... I was born in Belgium, but when I was two years old I went back to Italy, so I can't understand both flemish and french... it is really a pity!!!

Veerle said...

I like a lot what you do with asymmetry, both in your jewelry as in your collage-work!
The necklace with the silk beads, is very nice.The asymmetry and the fine details (turquoise beads) attracts much more attention then it would have by just putting them on a string!
You're a great student! I like the way you make everything personal.
and I also like the titles of your post!

glasfaden said...

Your earrings are very pretty. I'm always attempt to buy them. But right now I don't feel pretty enough to wear earrings because of the chicken pox' scars :( But one day... :)

ArtMind said...

Even before I started to read what you wrote, I thought: what great assymetry! I love it like that.
Wonderful necklace you made!