Friday, February 20, 2009

My Keycolors

I just knew it would become an addiction, I love making the mosaics, and it's a great way to discover the work of other artists and share them with you!
Two brand new creations in my favorite colors.
Turquoise combines so good with the coral red, well, that's my opinion!
The ring is available in my shop!
Discover also the outstanding work of the following artists:
The keys to the Winery is a photograph by Honeytree.
Heartwindow is a photograph by Picturepenelope.


ingermaaike said...

In picasa you can do the same and then send them off in a mail right away. Such fun, I do that as an update for the people left back in Holland.

I love those colors too!

Amanda Yu said...

Brilliant, now I know how your title come from! indeed, turquoise with coral red is a perfect match. you made really nice mood board here :)

Anna+Lila said...

such classic colours! beautiful!

sarah said...

lovely colours!!

i have been wondering about how to do those mosaics! is it in Picassa?? off to find out..!

Sigmosaics said...

ooooh, i must have a play in my picassa too .. this looks amazing!

blossom said...

your choice of pictures is beautiful...i love the colours, and the images in your previous post are stunning
take care, sharon x