Thursday, February 19, 2009

Romantic walk in the garden

Spring is really in the air, we had a few bright sunny days (although it's still cold outside),
I made some new fresh necklaces, they have a bit a romantic touch, don't know why,
maybe it's the time of the year? (or month :-) and guess what: the butterfly already sold!

I discovered an amazing tool: Bighugelabs, I love it, now I can make my own mosaics and treasuries! (thanks Art and Jane) I know for sure this willbecome a new addiction :-(
the pics:


ana carina said...

How beautiful Fleur!!
I like it very much :)


vadjutka said...

so soft and beautiful!

ingermaaike said...

Beautiful collection!

'fancypicnic' said...

Delicious! I love jennifermorris - her jewellery and her gorgeous photos.

You do realise, that now you've discovered BHLabs, you won't get very much work done? Either that, or you won't be in bed until v, v, v late!!!

A beautiful post xx

Veerle said...

Heel mooi!

jennifer m. said...

this is just so inspiring fleur!
and to have my photo included..
i'm all smiles!
many thanks
happy spring!

ArtMind said...

What a fantastic mosaic, Fleur! I like how it has no borders - should try that one day! It's so much fun to make 'em isn't it? :)

Amanda Yu said...

Gorgeous, I love the way how you present your creation here along with the inspiration pictures. indeed your butterfly necklace is very Spring's spirit. ^.^

Leililaloo said...

I love your choices for this mosaic.....
Did you know is very useful as well to make these? I use picnik mostly..