Friday, May 14, 2010

From Scratch

After I have put my scissors in this ugly old bag
only a skeleton
is what left,

but I am very happy with the result!
My recycled leather collection: Bloom.
some of these are already in my shop!


vadjutka said...

I love these flowers, I hope I will see them in person in Amsterdam :-))

artistudios said...


alteaperle said...

Cutest than ever! Love them!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Totally gorgeous--brilliant way to re-purpose! Or recycle, whatever it's called!

Ann said...

Can't wait what's coming out from this bag :)

His said...

Very beautiful, I love your flowers!
I also wanted to let you know where you can buy the stuff you need for the lollipops I made (we were on holiday to Belgium last week, so my answer is a bit late, sorry)
You can buy all you need for them over here:
Good luck, hope to see them come by one day :)

anne said...

super. De haarklemmetjes zijn superleuk. Hoe zet je ze achteraan vast? Anne