Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A teaparty

Get dressed for a a teaparty with
Rose tea and Framboise muffins.
(Queennefertete - cookoorikoo)

Or shall I serve
apple tea with butter cookies?
(Deerlola - Iheartfink)

Come and join the teaparty challenge at Rikrak's blog.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I would like the framboise!

lucinda reemi turandot said...

wow, thank you!

Antico Valore said...

very nice!
And here, my teaparty:


ingermaaike said...

Buttercookies! Njummm!

DeerLola said...

Such a fun teaparty ! I just love that lime green top :)) thanks for the feature Greet !

vadjutka said...

very pretty combinations4

the rikrak studio said...

oh i LOVE it!
great choices - you'll look fabulous, nicey!
i'm just putting together the followup post for tomorrow! can't wait to show off your look!

Marinatea said...

Fantastic inspiration!
I love tea!