Tuesday, May 4, 2010

thrifting my interior

I found these cool seats at the local thrift shop, 10 euro for all of them! Yay!
If I ever find the time I will paint them white.

well, I know, only four them
not enough for the six of us,
but I just could not let pass that bargain :-)


vadjutka said...

oooh, a bargain indeed. I dont think anyone would have left there those chairs!

Megan said...

great find they are cool chairs!

Annemiek - TwoTreesBelgium said...

Great find, they look real good.

DesertNana said...

how wonderful!
I dream of thrifting in your country

ArtMind said...

wow, real deal! Things in our thriftshop are not so cheap as it's also a social workplace and that's calculated in the cost of course.

BHB Kidstyle said...

What a good barg!