Thursday, June 17, 2010

Button fever

it seems like buttons are totally in!!!

Find out more here.

(thanks for letting
me know Szusza!)

and what about these cute button earstuds ( +:- 1 cm diameter)
available at Earthlings! (Belgische Eco sieraden webshop)


lies said...

Zo kan je je haar ook opknopen, ik heb ook wel een boon (of een knoop) voor de laarzen van de bruid!

PetitPlat Food Art said...

omg how adorable! I want the same buttons for my hair :D :D

thanks for sharing!

Kaja said...

Ooooh! So cute! I would love to wear my hair like that when I get married. Growing my hair now!

Sofia-Sobeide said...

Yei for buttons being in! There is something so beautiful about buttons. Need to remember that idea when I get married, if I get married :D...