Thursday, June 17, 2010

My creative workspace

oooh, I love buttons!

I bought this cute button tote, back in A'dam, scandalously cheap!
but hey, good for my wallet!

and while I was diving in my buttons
to prepare
for the craft party at Mitsy's
I made these matches:

They make cool necklaces :-)
but well
Who , besides myself, dares wearing buttons round her neck?


NorraSud by ROROISM said...

i would1

vadjutka said...

oooh, they are lovely - you are a magician with buttons! (I would)

My button bag made her debut yesterda - and it was a success!

kraplap said...

how can you ask ???
great colour combo's !

zsazsazsu said...

Of course I would wear these beauties ! Orginal, eco and vintage all in one ! And a perfect colormix !