Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Stats

you must have seen them around
in blogland
the weekly
happy stats
I think
was the first to start with them.

I decided to give it a try too,

it's always good
to reflect on the good things!

Little things that made me happy last week:

- a very happy Mies at her new (special) school
- Mr Janssens bringing me a pack of Shortbread (Walkers) from London (which I emptied right away)
- starting my second year of goldsmithclasses
- my new red shoes (I already danced with them!)
- enjoying a beautiful concert of Wim Mertens (lots of sweet memories popped up)
- having 267 Fans on my Facebook page! (you can be a fan too!)


vadjutka said...

good luck with the goildsmith class - I just started mine :-)

Saskia said...

...dat heet dan 'gelukkig zijn'...

Fijn weekend,
Saskia :)

Els said...

ben ook heel blij net gestart te zijn met edelsmeedkunst! veel suc6...

matchstickgirl said...

nice !!!! i love happy stats !

laccentnou said...

it's great to share your happy make me feel like more happy :) Congrats with new shoes and with your goldsmith cours!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing! you cheered me up to. it's always good to reflect on what's good right now. sometimes in all the business we forget. I'm glad you reminded me :)

mamutopia said...

- yay for more happy stats :)
- your shoes are super lovely!
- I just love the name 'Mies', it sounds so friendly
- have fun in class!