Friday, September 17, 2010

My Friday Night Outfit

Dress by NathalieAngles (see previous blogpost)
Petites Roses by Fleurfatale
seashells clutch in Navy by Eightseasons
peep toe electric blue heels by Italianpostcards

it's been a while
but here I am back
my friday Night outfit...

in fact
this fridaynight
we stay home
enjoying a cosy night on the couch with the kids!
with the kids

Mr Janssens and I already had our evening out
yesterday eve
we attended a fabulous concert of Wim Mertens (english)

17 years ago,
we attended
a concert of Wim Mertens too,
Mr Janssens and I knew each other then for just a couple of months...:-)
(at that time Mr Janssens was a huge fan of minimalistic music, and still :-))

Struggle for Pleasure

is Wim Mertens most known song in Belgium
(recentely it was used in a commercial, so every TV looking Belgian must know the song, ;-)


Veer - glasjuwelen en andere creaties said...

Met deze outfit kan jouw vrijdagavond niet meer stuk !

IKABAGS said...

Beautiful ! love !

FeeSter said...

zalige oorbelletjes... Anne