Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shopping Saturday

My saturday:
- running around to get the 4 kids to sport, dance, music lessons..
- an interesting workshop at Lotte Demey's
- visiting an outlet store to find the perfect worktable for my atelier
- some grocery shopping to survive the weekend
finally a glass of white wine with a pesto toast
and off to bed early!

I lacked too much sleep lately!

find above my latest creations! click on the pictures to find them in my shop.
More saturday shopping on Szaszaszu's blog.


zsazsazsu said...

my saturday ... a boring day at the office !
Have a nice and relaxing sunday !

Sammy said...

My sat. Is full of sewing. have a lovely sat.

-Samya :-)

Yael said...

Greet for a long time I wanted to tell you how superb I find your photographs! Look at them at this post, they are so wonderful and so are the little items, arranged on stones and branches - great! Have a nice Sunday with some napping! :-)