Friday, November 26, 2010

textile jewelry

it's been a while since I have been working on my textile jewelry.
so it made me smile
when a sweet lady asked me
to make this one for her.

and really,
I do love
the photographing part
of the job too!

- handfelted olive pebbles
- handmade silk beads (from a repurposed tie)
- crocheted cotton ball
- Ethiopean silver beads
- handcolored and torn silk ribbon

there are not that much textiles in my shop right now,
but you can browse my sold items (or my Flickr Gallery),
if you like a design,
just ask me,
maybe I can another one in the same style!


Anacleta Coqueta said...


Viktoria said...

Beautiful! love the colors!

Gwen said...

Zo mooi !!!!!

laccentnou said...

Oh! Wonderful!!!! Love that colors!

Greet said...

thanks a lot my dears!

Lucie Tales said...

Beautiful combination of colors!

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Piękne, tak dobór kolorystyczny jak i elementów. Ostatnio popełniłam trochę podobnych.

Yael said...

Very pretty!

Simona Inserra said...

really nice! i love your creations!