Friday, November 26, 2010

textile jewelry

it's been a while since I have been working on my textile jewelry.
so it made me smile
when a sweet lady asked me
to make this one for her.

and really,
I do love
the photographing part
of the job too!

- handfelted olive pebbles
- handmade silk beads (from a repurposed tie)
- crocheted cotton ball
- Ethiopean silver beads
- handcolored and torn silk ribbon

there are not that much textiles in my shop right now,
but you can browse my sold items (or my Flickr Gallery),
if you like a design,
just ask me,
maybe I can another one in the same style!


Anacleta Coqueta said...


donauluft said...

Beautiful! love the colors!

Gwen said...

Zo mooi !!!!!

L'Accent Nou - creative projects said...

Oh! Wonderful!!!! Love that colors!

fleurfatale said...

thanks a lot my dears!

Lucie said...

Beautiful combination of colors!

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Piękne, tak dobór kolorystyczny jak i elementów. Ostatnio popełniłam trochę podobnych.

Yael said...

Very pretty!

simo e ... said...

really nice! i love your creations!