Sunday, February 7, 2010

almost over...

La Fleur Olive
La Fleur et la mer
Ok, the weekend is almost gone.

We enjoyed catching up with some friends
We booked a nice house nearby Boulogne...
I bought some lovely vintage ties at the local thrifting shop (soon to be repurposed!)
I have been felting pebbles in springy colors! for my textile line.
I made some yummie Vietnamese loempias.
I managed to clean up my workspace (but not ready yet)
and I edited some pictures I took on friday: new necklaces for spring!

find some other weekend wishlists on Karuski's blog.


vadjutka said...

Boulogne is a great choice - but this meansd that you are not visiting HUngary? :-(

Saskia said...

Wat heb je weer prachtige kettingen gemaakt!! Hopelijk is mijn hanger al bij je aangekomen...?

Liefs, saskia :)

matilda said...

Oh, one lovely weekend! Mine is one day longer, because today in Slovenia we celebrate a national holiday - The day of Culture...and the sun was shining..