Sunday, May 25, 2008

beading - kralen rijgen

Some of my latest creations:
I found some gorgeous beads in
Zahia (turquoise and chinese writing stone)
I combined with tiger ebony wooden beads and czech and japanese glass beads.
The hooks are handmade and hammered by myself.

Beading: it looks so easy, but it is not.
I spend hours with my 3th daughter to learn to bead,. When I was a child I liked that so much and I wanted to give that joy of beading to my little daughter.
(But the fact that she has Down syndrome didn't make it easy ) We began with beads with a hole of 1 cm and a thick electricy thread. Unbelievebale how easy it is for a child without retardation.
My son, who is younger than her, took a thread and beaded it/ I thought, how is that possible, I never learned or trained him? I spend hours training her, using different threads and beads, I was glad she succeed to have 3 beads on the thread. It is stil not easy for her, but she likes doing it, she sees the result (a bracelet or a necklace), she sees me making all these things and she admires it.I think one day she will be able to make the most gorgeous creations!
My daughter Mies is on the left side, Briek, the youngest is on the right, the kid in the middel is a friend: they're having a great time beading together!
and guess what: I am 'artist of the day at Ixelas blog, An Italian girl with Belgian roots who also has a gorgeous jewelry shop at Etsy. Thanks so much Ixela!