Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summertime = Flea market time

Pink rose ring (in my shop now)
I found some real cute doll furniture on a flea market, I already had the little cupboards, but could now supplement my collection with a cute heart chair and an even more cute rocking chair :-)
You see I could not wait to use them in my pictures, they give the perfect vintage look I want!
I am really pity I can't do more thrifting... Summertime is the ideal time for flea markets, but when I go with the kids they get bored after 10 minutes, ... while I could stay there for hours!
Minna from Karuski alos blogged about her flea market finds, go here to read about it!

And as you see, I am halfway pimping my felted cats! I hope to make much more these days, (thinking of the fairs I am going to attend :-) It's fun making them, I will give them each a name, if you have suggestions, just drop them in your comment :-)