Monday, July 6, 2009

summer is here!

Summer vacation has started, the last days of June and first week of July were so wonderfull,
as we are used to grey rainy weather here in Belgium, now it was like we were in the south of France, yep, that hot!
Eating outside, children playing in the swimming pool from morning til eve, warm evenings outside on the terrace with a glass of cava, and picnics and BBQ's with friends and neighbours.
Most of those picnics or BBQ's are improvised and that's how I like them the most, unprepared, just see what's left over in the fridge: tomatoes, lettuce, greek cheese, olives, dried tomatoes ,
and home baked bread dipping in olive oil! mmmmmm.

My lovely gang of 4 gathered around the picnic-bag!

We have an expression for that in Belgium: "Living as god In France"

And creative work is still going on, as it is a little bit slower these days, children are home and , I have to admit , that hot weather makes me really lazy.
A lovely customer ordered my Donna Necklace and asked for matching earrings.
I like that colorcombo a lot: Lilac, purple and warm terracotta red and I have the feeling these warm colors fit perfect with this summer weather!