Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy bee

Sorry, I neglected my blog lately, being busy with all kinds of stuff.

- hubby and I spend a whole afternoon on plannings for things that have to be done:
several check ups and appointments with doctors, summershoe-shopping for the kids, 'end of the year' meetings with teachers of the kids, buying a new (special)bike for Mies, filling in the taxes form, ...
busy times, these days, .....

- I was also busy rereading and rewriting an interview by Vadjutka for a feature on the Est Blog, I rewrite several times and now I have the feeling I wrote too much!! :-) and I blush when I read all the sweet comments my team members gave! :-)

- But I did manage to find time to grab a treasury and it made frontpage!!!

- And I made some new creations lately , seems I am in a purple red mood these days.....
but turquoise is never far away!
The purple linen ring was already is an older creations (well old, A few weeks I think), but I had the feeling it fitted very well in this mosaic!
All these creations available in my shop.