Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's been a year now, since I started to sell (and buy) on Etsy.

Through my Etsy shop I had the chance to discover new creative ways, and the fact that people buy my creations (and give me wonderful feedback) stimulates even more to go on with it.

Through my Etsy shop and blog some 'real life' shops discovered my creations and now I am selling my jewelry In Ghent (Nathalie Engels), in Portland, Oregon (Dazzle) (and soon in New York!!!!!).

Through Etsy I got to learn sweet friends from all over Europe and all over the world!I enjoy chatting with them, sharing our happy and sad feelings (but most of all our creative passion!!)

I am so thankfull to all the people who supported me by purchasing at my shop.

It is so fun to see that the people who wear my jewelry are so different: of all ages and all kind of types!!

To celebrate all this I decided to give-away a gift certificate of 35 Dollar(to spend in my shop)

All you have to do is leave a comment in my blog and don't forget to mention your e-mail adress.
All those woman who were so nice to send me a picture of them wearing my creations, get two entries extra for this give-away + a certificate of 15% off their next purchase. (you can still send me a picture to get one more entry for this give -away, and I'll add it to this list!)
The winner will be announced next sunday!