Saturday, February 14, 2009

My lucky day

From now on friday 13th is my lucky day!!

My 'here comes the sun' necklace was on FP (and it sold :-)
I sold lots of brooches!!
-I was driving without fastened belts (and the police stopped my car) but they didn't give me a fine!!! (I promised never to drive without fastened belts again :-))
- The cupboard I ordered two weeks ago was delivered and it looks so beautiful in my workroom (still I don't show you my workdesk behind the cupboard, that's for another time :-)) On Heli's blog you can see which cupboard I had before)
- I had a screening, it was not painfull at all and the doctor declared me healthy as a fish!

and today it's a very sunny (almost spring) day and I could take pics of my new brooches.
They are available in my shop. Click on the pics to go to my shop.