Sunday, March 1, 2009

North Sea walk

- beautiful painting of Leon Spillaert in the PMMK Museum of Ostend
- Mermaid lounge lets bury our dreams underground. by Jacqleenblue
- 'angel touch' necklace by Fleurfatale, soon in my shop!
- scallop bowl by elementsclaystudio

Last week, hubby and I spend two days on the Belgian coast (in Ostend). Hubby had booked a B&B there, but found out an hour before we were leaving that he booked the wrong days, so we had to search (in a hurry) for another place to stay, :-(
We found the Burlington Hotel, not that cosy as the B&B, ........well, everything was better then staying at home....

We did not planned anything and just did some loooong walks along the sea. Only the facts that we weren't home and without kids were so relaxing for us. We found an incredible yummie restaurant near the beach where they served fusion kitchen (one of our favs), and walking back under a starry night made this evening complete -)) I chose a sashimi, Japanese kitchen is one of my favs :-p

We visited the Mu ZEE (the PMMK museum) , it had been so long we were there!
and I discovered some not so very known work of Leon Spillaert, an artist who's work was there before, but that never catched my eye, maybe getting older makes you see and like other things in different ways.... ::-)
They also have some work of Panamarenko, his constructions always makes me smile in a way!
The advantage of a little museum is that they have some works that are not so wellknown, but sometimes more beautiful just because of their modesty :-)
There was a little bit time left for supply shopping, but that is a blogpost for later!