Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flea market finds and feature

On monday there was a flea market in the little town where I live.
It' s a well known flea market, not really a 'vide-grenier', because lots of professional sellers come here . But you really can do bargains, and that's what I did: some very beautiful buttons brooches and trim, and a wonderful vintage rusty floral powder box!

I could not wait to use the powder box in my Jewelry photography.

And yesterday I finished a new necklace with linen and silk beads, it was just listed in my Fleurfatale shop and featured a few minutes later in this lovely blog from VividEarthDesigns.

Here comes the bride....

Donna necklace, available in my shop.

A few weeks ago I got a great custom order from a lovely lady:
I had to create 4 necklaces for 4 bridesmaiden. I liked this custom order a lot, because I had to inspire me on my favorite necklace 'Donna'.
The only restrictions I got were the colorchoice (peacock blue, wood and royal purple, apple green, coral red, and fuchsia) and the 'Donna' style.

I like the result a lot and hope to get soon a picture of the bridesmaiden and the bride!