Sunday, August 30, 2009


1000 Sales!!

The goodie bags wooshed out of my shop, I'll ship them on monday and two lucky ones will find the gift certificate of 20 $ in their package!

I joined Etsy in April 2008 and since then things have gone sooo fast!
I met so much creative people that became my online friends. I am so grateful to all my Etsy friends who are helping to promote my shop and who give me advice and feedback! What would I be without them?
And what would I be without my lovely customers?
I am happy with every single sale I had and so thankful for this great support!

Right now I am working on new designs, for my Textile Jewelry Collection, but also some other accessories for autumn and winter!

Friday, August 28, 2009


How to win a goodie bag with a 20 Dollar gift certificate!

Only 5 sales to go and I reach the magic 1000.
I decided to give a special treat to the ones who purchase one of the next 5 sales to go!
I made 5 goodie bags, in 2 of them is a gift certificate of 20 Dollar to use in my shop!
I'll ship the goodie bags together with your purchase!

check my shop regulary, I am adding lots of new designs for the upcoming season:
brooches, earrings, necklaces...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

old barnwood in my creative place

Yesterday I got a beautiful package. I bought this Diptych 'old barnwood and recycled wood'.
Charles puts together some pieces from old barnwood with as result perfect stunning combinations!!!

Some of his work was already in my favorites. When I told some EST friends I bought these, the answered it would fit perfect in my jewlery pictures. In fact that was my first thought too!
as soon as there was enough light (I photograph with natural light) I started to take some pics: and i am really happy with the result! I think these Ditptych would be nice on my booth-table at fairs too!
but I they fit perfect in my interior too, I only still have to decide where hang them (I will let you know soon!).
You can find Charles artwork here:
He offers free shipping till september 15th!

And look at all the nice presents Charles included in my package, too sweet.
Some gorgeous artwork of his wife Dana (who's work I admire since a long time) : she has two shops on Etsy:

find more creative places on Kootoyoo's blog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall is near

This is the new theme of the Euopean Street Challenge hosted by Sumikoshop. find the other beautifull entries in her blog.

Why is it that fall and autumn are so inspiring, the warmcolorpalette maybe?
I made two entries: a felted pod necklace and a pair of earrings.
They are available in my shop! Click on my pictures to go to my shop.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Endless Summer

A new brooch in my FALL 2009 collection

A pile of wool felted circles with sewn on the top: a fabric Hortensia flower.

Some species of the hydrangea flower bloom from june till october, and they can be dried very easily, that inspired me to give my brooch the name: Endles Summer.
Find here more about this beautiful flower mostly used in vintage gardens.
You can find this sweet pin in my shop!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last week of summer holidays!

One more week to go and school starts again! In the meantime the kids (and a bunch of friends)are having lots of fun , because the weather is still so summery! I hope this nice weather will continue for september and october too! Sun gives vibes (as long as it is not too hot :-)!

While taking pictures I have noticed the sunlight becomes more and more orange and soon the colors of the trees in the garden will change colors: Fall is near!
So I have to think about a fall collection and new designs.
This new designs are already in my shop! Click on the pics to go to my shop!
Keep in touch, more new things will come!

Shabby Romance Necklace

Shabby Romance earrings

Swirl leaves earrings

Leaf of gold earrings

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cool Cats and a super Goody Bag

It has been a busy week, a week full of kids, who came to play with mine, sometimes I had the feeling my home was a playground!

But I managed to keep up with my Etsy shop: I made lots of pictures of new designs and of the cat brooches I made during my holiday! I love love love making them! Not one is alike as I form them by hand and wetfelting, it's a time consuming work, but I am so happy with the results afterwards!
Here you find the brooches in my shop, some of them al already underway to a new home in Finland, Japan and Switserland, yay!

And I am proud to announce that I was the first one to receive a goody bag at the booth of Artmind on the craftparking fair in Maastricht, of course I am an addicted follower of her blog, I wish I had the time to do all the tutorials she posts!

Look what cool goodies were inside the bag!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Belgian Sweets in Holland

Yummie breads and cakes in this bakery located in Wyck,
a district in Maastricht (near the Railway Station)with a a special ambiance and lots of trendy shops.

As you know we did a lot of shopping in Maastricht, not only on the Craftparking fair! In Maastricht we visited a very famous bookshop: 'Selexyz Dominikanen, a bookshop located in a 16th century Dominicaner church, described als the most beautiful bookshop in the world in the Guardian!

There I stumbled upon the book 'Sweet Belgium', (weird to be in a Dutch bookshop to find a book about Belgian Sweets!) a little description:
Belgium is world famous for it's delicious chocolates, but it has many more sweets to offer to sugar lovers! Sweet Belgium pictures more than 150 sweets, with mouth watering photographs, nice descriptions (in 3 languages) and fascinating details. Give in to the temptation of waffles, chocolates, biscuits, cakes, pastries and many more...

I thought this book would be the perfect gift for Apple, the Chinese fiance of my brother. It's so cool to learn from each others food and kitchen! The first time we met Apple we overloaded her with Belgian chocolates :-) In return we get to know the real Chinese kitchen, and I must say, we like it!
Inside the beautiful bookshop

Some pictures of the book 'Sweet Belgium'

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Forest Fruit

I just finished taking pictures of a new design. I made this 'Forest Fruit' necklace for the European Street Team Challenge, hosted by Dinafragola. The theme was FOOD.
Dinafragola has a cute Kawai shop. where I bought lately these cool bunny earrings for my eldest daughter (Happy she was!). Check her blog here, to see the other FOOD entries.

More about my newest design now:
I made the felted pebbles when we were on holiday in France.

Felting those pebbles is really fun, especially, when you can do it outside, sitting on a terrace, under a big Catalpa tree with a cool glass of selfmade ice tea near you, while the kids are playing in the swimming pool and daddy is taking a little nap in the sun :-)
For the green pebbles I was inspired by the acorns my son Briek collected near our gite in France, and the green combined so good with the lavender in the garden of our host.

Back home I combined the green and lilac felted pebbles with distressed wooden beads and handmade silk beads with a mustard golden shine.
The necklace is already available in my shop!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back with pictures!

Gosh, there is so much I have to blog about, and so little time, On Monday were turned home from my parents in law, were we stayed to sleep after the EST dinner,, in the afternoon my mother and Apple (my Brothers girlfriend) came to visit us, on tuesday we visited Ghent with the kids, Apple and my mum. Wednesday today and finally some time to blog!

Finally my laptop is repared, YAY! can't live without!

Pop in often, I will tell you more
- about Maastrichtand shopping there!
- about some wonderfull packages that I found in my postbox back home,
- about some presents I bought for friends
- about our Ghent visit
but first! - about the fantastic day I spend with some fantastic Etsy friends on the Craftparking fair.
This is the old industrial building where the Craftparking Fair took place . A beautiful old industrial site near the Maas. The fair was on the last day of a 5 days Cultural festival! A very good idea, because this brought a lot of visitors and buyers!

While we were selling (inside the building), there was a lot of animation outside with very fun Street Theatre :-)

Preparing our booths: Karlita (Karla) and Nevousinstallezpas (Veerle)

Me (Fleurfatale)and Kraplap (Petronella) setting up our shops.

Mitsy told the story of the making of 99 feelings a 100 times, I think,
:-)) People were really interested!

Veerle recommending her beautiful creations!

Maria and her Lovely partner, all the way from the Canary Islands!

Miss Deerlola (Ina) with a gorgeous booth,
the cupcakes liners to present her earrings turned out a very good idea!

Dinafragola (Nathalie) on her shopping tour (here at the booth of Viltalakim)

Petronella's booth attracted also lots of people!
(to pity I did not have a picture of Peggy, I think she was under the table or out for a walk with Pieter and my hubby!

The shop of Sigmosaics (Kerrin) and next to her Nicole (Babongo) who came to visit us.

Kerrin on a real emotional moment, when she opens her package.
(filled with presents from lots of European Etsy Frends)

Some pictures from the dinner we had in the evening.
I wish the day could have been longer, we had so much to chat, ther was so much to share!
I hope next year we can do this again, maybe with even more Est friends!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Enjoying Maastricht

We arrived in Maastricht this afternoon.
Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, with a beautiful palette of treasures from the past, a small city, but vibrant and contempary, perfect for a long weekend, shopping, biking, sightseeing, walking, visiting museums or historical places or buildings.

As I also attend the Craftparking Fair on Sunday, hubby and I decided to stay a weekend in Maastricht instead of one day.
Maastricht is only an hour driving from my parents in law, so we dropped the kids there (so everybody happy: kids, and grandparents , but also mum and dad)and then drove off to a cosy B&B. It's a very cool Bed and Breakfast (we stay in the room with the beautiful chinese bride cupboard, and from our room window you see St Pietersberg)
and the second B stands not for breakfast but for bike, which is great, because it is so cooll to visit the city by bike !

Around the corner is a fabulous bakery who serves breakfast, so we won't be hungry , don't worry! We enjoyed biking to the centre, do some window shopping and sight seeing and then found a yummie restaurant on a terrace an the banks of the River (De Maas) in the trendy district Wyck. I realised that it was from our trip to Copenhagen that we were sitting only with the two of us on a sunny terrace outside!

We plan a flee market in the morning and an exhibition (in centre ceramique) of one of my all time favorite childhood illustrators: Fiep Westendorp. I think I will melt from nostalgic feelings when I see her lovely drawings!
My Etsy shop says open all weekend as I have WIFI in our room, so I can come and take a peek in my shop. I still offer FREE SHIPPING? but this is the last weekend. If you like to buy something, don't hesitate, because I am taking all my stuff to the Craftparking fair!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back Home

We are home from saturday evening!
and I have lots lots lots to do, right now!
Done all the laundry, but now put eveything back in the blankets again.
Check my e-mails and sending out all the sold stuff!
Haven't even had the time to set up my shop, so the FREE SHIPPING is still going on!
preparing for the Maastricht Fair!I don't know if I will be able to post much this week,we'll see,
Do take a peek inhere, from time to time, because I am soon back with new designs, some are already in my shop! (click on the pictures to go to the shop)

Friday, August 7, 2009


Tomorrow morning we drive back home!
We had a wonderful holiday here in France!
These are the last days to make a great deal and pay NO SHIPPING on everything in my shop!
Click on the pictures below to go to my shop, or browse for other designs in my shop