Saturday, November 7, 2009

African Touch 2

Again an early morning...
well then, a bit time to blog!
I made pictures of more of my African Inspired bold necklaces!
I enjoy felting and using felt these days, I really think wool is a wintery thing!
I decided to give this collection the name: 'African Touch'. I do think they have something African, not only the use of the Ethiopean silver or resin, but also the distressed wooden beads, the repurposed fabric beads and the assembling of diferrent materials feels African to me!
Find them here in my shop.
Will try to do some experiment with fused plastic too, but that is for later!

AS I mentioned here before (or was it on Twitter), my daughters (and a friend) did a lot of cooking these holidays!,
I guess you don't want to see the mess afterwards :-)))

Two nights to sleep and hubby and Meron are back (that is what I keep telling the little ones, it s really time daddy comes home!)