Monday, May 18, 2009

my pot of tea

I have something with teapots, you know...
remember my tea pot cards, you can find them here and here and here
I sold almost all of my handmade cards at the Open House, so I need to make a new collection.
but when will I find the time?

Maybe I should plan my week:
- Monday: making packages and shipping
- Tuesday: creating textile jewelry
- Wednesday: new designs with stones and copper
- Thursday: designing cards
- Friday: creating for the EST challenge...

Well, that's the problem with creating, it just can't be planned!!! When you don't feel like it then you just mess up. Waste of the time!

But I just wanted to to show off my new teapot in this blogpost :-))
Custom made by a friend, who has a lovely shop here in Belgium, browse her website here.

And I got this yummie Yasmin tea, all the way from China (thanks Apple and Peter!).

Browsing trough etsy I found a beautiful teapot cosy and a very cute teapot necklace to make my mosaic complete!
mm, off to make myself some yasmin tea!