Sunday, December 28, 2008

jasmin tea and chopsticks

The last week of december was caraterised by losses, the father of a friend of ours, two relatives of colleagues of hubby and our dear Est friend Claudia AKA Mundogomunolina...

But it was good to meet a new person in my family: Apple, the girlfriend of my brother!
Apple incisted to make a complete Chinese meal for us on Christmas evening , called the 'hot pot' ! A kind of soup in which all different kind of vegetables are boiled. if it wasn't that much work, I would make it everyday... Nothing cannot be more healthy!
The dish before was a kind of Chinese Ravioli, a little boiled pastry filled with pork meat and vegetables. I think the children ate tons of it even using their chopsticks!

Apple brought also some fresh yasmin tea from Beijing, and really, the taste was better then the English blended tea you find here in the stores (in fact: less bitter). Maybe I will go and look for more in the Chinese shop in Gent.

I had also very little time to play and experiment a bit with my wool rooving ,
maybe soon the result in my shop?