Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EURO WEEK Feature : Judit from Budapest

Today I am introducing my sweet friend Judit (aka Vadjutka) Find her beautiful Etsy shop here.

where are you from?
Budapest, Hungary

-give a tip for a cool place we can't miss if we make a trip to Budapest.....The flea market! I love it: you can find everything there from clothes to amazing vintage finds.
Here is a teaser on my blog:

- name a popular artist from your country we just have to learn to know.
Kistehén Tánczenekar – they are kind of an alter group: little bit folkish using elements of gipsy music. Also, their lyrics is very funny. This one is my favourite.

- what is a typical dish of hungary.
Typical dishes in Hungary are the goulash - gulyás leves in Hungarian – and it is a soup not a stew, Chicken Paprika which is Paprikás Csirke in Hungarian, but my favourite is LECSÓ, which is a kind of Ratatouille, buti it consists of tomatoes, paprikas and oninons and some meat only. I love it and I can eat a lot of this!
Here is a recipe.

describe you style of creations:Bohemian, urban, romantic.

find the beautiful jewelry line of Vadjutka in her Etsy shop, where every piece of jewelry has its own personality. Just as humans do. She believes, that one day every piece will find its best owner, with whom they match perfectly.

A new haircut for my happy gang of 4 :-)

We all had a new haircut today, and so does mommy (but she is behind the camera :-)