Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Creation from chaos

My workspace needs some organising, Paperflowergirl gave me the idea!
But no time to organise, I think I am definitely doomed to have a messy workroom!
Hubby (who is a scientist, and thus thinks like a scientist) has a quote for it: "order from chaos", well , what I think is that this quote just allows him to be messy :-(
From now on, my quote will be: creation from chaos!
So besides all the stuff I have to make jewelry, I have huge piles of papers and selfmade embellishments, and this is what I used to make those cards above:
-vintage ribbon
- vintage wallpapers
- handmade paper
- dried leaves
- handmade paperflowers
- japanese papers
- old cardstock
I will sell them on the next fair I attend , and also in the shop of a lady who asked for it,
will try in my Etsy shop, but then I have to take better pictures.