Sunday, October 19, 2008

once upon a time - il était une fois...

Some time ago I went to Lille, France with a blog-friend, Veerle. The purpose was supply-shopping!! (what else :-)

I bought some gorgeous stuff about which I will blog later.

Just before we had to catch our train we dropped into a bookshop (a friend of Veerle collects bookmarks and we saw some in the shopwindow).

Entering a bookshop in France is deadly for me, (as I am a Children books addict!!!)
France has so many great and talended illustrators and authors (you all know some of them who sell on Etsy), and those books are not always available in Belgium, so I HAD to bring two awesome children books with the money I had left...

at home I let me inspire by the colors and the beautifull illustrations and made a matching Fairy-tale necklace with some vintage findings and japanese washi paper. soon available in my shop)
Les Mots à la bouche, Aurélia Fronty, une collections de poèmes sur les gourmandises
ISBN 2.01.391181.5
L'oiseau de Mona: Mona et ses parents ont fui, leur pays en guerre pour s'installer ici. La vie est belle pour Mona, elle a beaucoup d'amis.
Mais un oiseau noirlasuit partout,jouretnuit
il lui rappelle qu'elle n'a pas les papiers, les bons papiers, pour rester dans ce pays qu'elle aime....ISBN 978-2-35504-039-9