Monday, March 29, 2010

Bunny brooches

Please, can you help me find a cute name for my 3 bunnies?
Thanks a lot!

Monday Moodboard: something to celebrate! :)

Greeting Card by Artmind

Rainbow Necklace by XauXAu
Spring Bag by Marbled
Butterfly n love brooch by Happyment
Brooch by Lacometalab

pfff, such a busy week behind me...
and now lots of work lays waiting: custom orders, household, paperwork, pacakges to ship....
really don't know where to begin!
But today is my birthday! So my moodboard is happy and colorful!
Check back often this week to my blog, because I am having a little giveaway :-)

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Friday, March 26, 2010

EURO week Feature: Lapomme from Aigues Mortes

Today we meet the very Talented, Sweet Lapomme, find out below where she is from and what she has to tell us! The busy Lapomme has 2! Etsy shops:
- La Pomme. home décor items and fairytale
- La Pomme Vintage. pretty things from Franceplush
(the ring that Apol wears in the picture, is from the hand of Jealousydesign)

where are you from?
I'm from Aigues Mortes, a little village in the south of France. I live in the country, lots of birds, horses, and half-wild bulls in the area. We do things like go climb mountains where we find rosemary and thyme to take home and cook with. When it's the season, my husband cannot be stopped from harvesting bag after bag of wild leeks for eating at dinner even if often I have had enough!

- give a tip for a cool place we can't miss if we make a trip to your country.....
Know that France is not just Paris! This is something I share with fellow Etsy seller Blue Terracotta, who is based in Lyon, that when we're abroad and relatives or friends introduce us to other people, they'll say, "She's from Paris." It's amusing how in people's minds the capital equals the country. So my tip would be, after getting your dose of Paris, which I agree is a beautiful city, do try to visit other parts of France.

- name a popular artist (musician, rockgroup, actor, performer....) from France we just have to learn to know. describe in a few sentences...
Right now I am infatuated with the actress Marion Cottilard. She has an energy that attracts me, that is sweet, emotional, and intelligent, all at the same time. Then again, I think Cottilard is quite well-known all over the world right now, so for someone not so global, how about listening to the musician Benabar? I love how the French have this tradition of telling stories with their songs, which I think is quite different from the Anglo-saxon tradition of working more with rhythms and melodies. Benabar is a popular French musician who tells stories as he sings.

- what is a typical dish or sweet or dessert of your country?
There is so much good food around here, where do I even begin? I do love a good "soupe de poissons", which is a soup made from fish and eaten with slices of toasted bread on which you rub a piece of garlic, and then top with Gruyere cheese and a yummy sauce called "rouille." I don't cook it myself, but found this recipe if you'd like to try it out.

- describe you style of creations in a few words
I am still liking how my creations have been described numerous times: poetic. I aim to create things for the home that give a sense of magic and wonder to how we live, that for a minute make us daydream or, at the very least, that for a second make us smile.

My collection

I guess some of you already knew about my collection of Chinese tiger shoes.
(they are my inspiration for my cat brooches)
Sweet Rikrak has a cool article on Etsy's blog, about artists and what they collect!
I was so honoured when she asked me to tell bit more about my collection.
You can find all about it here

Thanks a lot Kristal, I loved doing this!!!
Rikrak has also an Etsy shop with beautiful limited edition patchwork accessories made out of vintage fabrics!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What the postman brought us....

I am always, always in tears when we get a letter from the biological mother of my Vietnamese daughter Maia Dinh Thi Phuong.
Really, I do have a bound with this mother of my first child!
I am touched by the pictures: she looks so good like her mother, my sweet eldest child! It convinces me again that one can never ever deny the background and roots of your adopted child.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EURO WEEK Feature : Judit from Budapest

Today I am introducing my sweet friend Judit (aka Vadjutka) Find her beautiful Etsy shop here.

where are you from?
Budapest, Hungary

-give a tip for a cool place we can't miss if we make a trip to Budapest.....The flea market! I love it: you can find everything there from clothes to amazing vintage finds.
Here is a teaser on my blog:

- name a popular artist from your country we just have to learn to know.
Kistehén Tánczenekar – they are kind of an alter group: little bit folkish using elements of gipsy music. Also, their lyrics is very funny. This one is my favourite.

- what is a typical dish of hungary.
Typical dishes in Hungary are the goulash - gulyás leves in Hungarian – and it is a soup not a stew, Chicken Paprika which is Paprikás Csirke in Hungarian, but my favourite is LECSÓ, which is a kind of Ratatouille, buti it consists of tomatoes, paprikas and oninons and some meat only. I love it and I can eat a lot of this!
Here is a recipe.

describe you style of creations:Bohemian, urban, romantic.

find the beautiful jewelry line of Vadjutka in her Etsy shop, where every piece of jewelry has its own personality. Just as humans do. She believes, that one day every piece will find its best owner, with whom they match perfectly.

A new haircut for my happy gang of 4 :-)

We all had a new haircut today, and so does mommy (but she is behind the camera :-)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Europe and Etsy

Fleur de toi necklace
ok, you already noticed: It's EURO week..... on Etsy
Euro sellers will be featured, Euro creations will be on Front page of Etsy.
Etsy, which is mainly an American Website, has so much Euro sellers and customers too! Etsy has now an office in Berlin(Germany) and will promote the 'Etsy handmade online market' in Europe.

During this Europe week I will feature some of my European friends
and I have a special promotion in my shop too!
With every purchase in my shop you will get a set of these 3 cards: (value $10)
Belgian customers can send me an email if they want to pay by bank account.

Japanese Garden earrings in Sterling Silver

La Soleil et La Fleur vintage button adjustable ring

Ophelia loves spring copper necklace

Queen of Sheba earrings in Brass

Monday, March 22, 2010


Colorful Afghan Blanket by Atelierafra from Turkey
Upcycled mobile white circles by Babongo from Holland
Screenprinted and painted ooak shawl Hanni By Birribe from Sweden
Butterflies by Aliette from France

In the following moodboards you discover lots of Beautiful EURO creations!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

shopping fever

One day is way to short to shop in Amsterdam. I am so lucky that mister hubby is so patient with me when I am in a shopping mood. Well, it was not about clothes, but more accessories and Design, that made it somewhat more bearable for him! haha!

Not to forget: I got some great tips from Maartje (Mamutopia) who is an inhabitant of this cool city.

Seeking for the 9 straatjes we discovered the Moooi designshop of Marcel Wanders.
Not really design for my wallet, but a great showroom that gives you many ideas for your own home. (His shaker stools are on of my all time fav's) I show you some inspiring pictures I took, in a next blogpost.
Not far from the Anne Frank house we found this original shop (a tip of Maartje), a cabinet of curiosities, really my kind of thing! ( The otherist, Leliegracht 6)

There I discovered the work of Swedish Karin eriksson, simply gorgeous!!!!

They even had my beloved brand of handbags of Robert le Heros.

But I bought this(3 of my obsessions in one: paper, scissor cutting and Japan) :-)))
(this is a picture of the finished wave, in fact it is DIY paper box)

Another cool tip of Maartje was the Haarlemmerdijk where I found Restored , a shop to my heart with lots of handmadedesign and repurposed stuff.

I saw these ladies and their shop before in 101 Wonen, a magazine I never buy but always borrow at my local library :-)
I will show you some pctures in a next blogpost.
It was typical Belgian weather: sun and rain, sun and rain, and while hiding for a rain shower we could take a look in this bag shop. A shop to my heart, because everyting is made fair and ethial (in Changmai) (you can find this brand also in Belgium at Tantejojo in Leuven).

and then: het grote avontuur
Hubby has a lucky smile on his face, haha, we can't take big things like wardrobes and drawers because we came here by train!! But I did bought some furniture, and will show it soon (in a next blogpost :)
Lots of vintage pottery here, sweet 'baby good luck shoes', teatowels with reprinted 60's illustrations and the well known 'gouden boekjes' but I'll tell you more about them later...

So far a bit of my shopping trip. Of course we visited a few musea today,
and also ate some yummie things I want to show, but well, that is for tommorrow!
see you then!

Friday, March 19, 2010

My friday Night Amsterdam

Padma dress by Cocoorico
Tpuch of gold earrings by Fleurfatale
Ms Essential bag by Iragrant
Oriental chic vegan slippers by thegeneration

One of my most favorite kitchens is Japanese (sushi, yakitori, miso soup, soba noodles, and sashimi on top!).

Back in my twenties I was a loyal follower of Makrobiotic, at that time I learned a lot about Japanse kitchen and ingredients.
To find good and not to exclusive ( or say expensive) Japanese restaurants in Belgium we have to go to Antwerp (which is definitely not in our backyard). :(
So you bet we were very happy to find a yummie and affordable Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam (where we are right now!)

And that is why I made a Japanese inspired Friday Night Outfit... (back in my hotel room)
don't know why, but to me the outfit has a Japanese touch! (maybe the slippers do it?)
See you soon with more love from Amsterdam :-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

shop update

Hello everyone,
busy days!
I am looking forward to a long weekend in Amsterdam (with mister hubby, no kids)
the weather forecast is promising!
But first finish lots of things and send off lots of packages! (not to speak about lots of random house hold and family things that pop up)...
and listing new things in my shop! Find the tecxtile necklaces above here in my shop.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Moodboards!

A moodboard full of cuteness this time!
Cherry by Chauchau
Little elephant toddler by Chomelchomel
Red and Pink Gingham Bunch. flower plushies (set of three) by Lapomme
ECO POLKA DOTS I - With an Adjustable strap by Ikabags

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wear it as you like!

Thanks a lot for your cooperation (in the previous post).
I decided to finish this one with an adjustable silk ribbon. So one day you can wear it longer, the other day as a choker, fitting your oufit!!
All beads are handmade by me! the wool is ecologic and te silk is repurposed (from a shawl). Te silver beads are from Ethiopean origin.
This textile necklace is very comfy and super lightweight, perfect for spring and summer. It's in my shop right now!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

long or short?

Lately I have been working on new fruity textile necklaces (part of them are custom orders)
I am always doubting about the lenght, that is why I often chose for making adjustable necklaces.
I thought it was fun to do a little survey about this. Just because :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shop update

like a feather necklace in Verdigris and brass

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to be the first to see my brand new designs.

Japanese Garden earrings - washi paper and sterling silver
Bloom - necklace made of repurposed fabric and a vintage brass flower
sprout - paper brooch

Look what I won!

It does not happen much, but if it happens that I win a giveaway, it makes me jump in the air !
This time I won the give-away of my dear EST friend from Finland Karuski. I chose a beautiful pair of vintage earstuds, from her shop.
They arrived last week, so wonderfully packed! Minna also spoiled me with a beautiful card, a matching hairpin and a sweet Birdie Key chain!!
Thanks so much Minna, it's always a treat to recieve your packages!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

look what I found :-)

I found these lovely Dutch vintage wooden playblocks at the local thriftshop,
I can't find out how it should be played, but some of the illustrations are real cute!
And so funny the makers could not think of an illustration for the letter Q :-)

I thought they would be nice to be repurposed as big bold brooches,
what do you think?
I decided to keep the tiger! :-)