Friday, August 14, 2009

Enjoying Maastricht

We arrived in Maastricht this afternoon.
Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, with a beautiful palette of treasures from the past, a small city, but vibrant and contempary, perfect for a long weekend, shopping, biking, sightseeing, walking, visiting museums or historical places or buildings.

As I also attend the Craftparking Fair on Sunday, hubby and I decided to stay a weekend in Maastricht instead of one day.
Maastricht is only an hour driving from my parents in law, so we dropped the kids there (so everybody happy: kids, and grandparents , but also mum and dad)and then drove off to a cosy B&B. It's a very cool Bed and Breakfast (we stay in the room with the beautiful chinese bride cupboard, and from our room window you see St Pietersberg)
and the second B stands not for breakfast but for bike, which is great, because it is so cooll to visit the city by bike !

Around the corner is a fabulous bakery who serves breakfast, so we won't be hungry , don't worry! We enjoyed biking to the centre, do some window shopping and sight seeing and then found a yummie restaurant on a terrace an the banks of the River (De Maas) in the trendy district Wyck. I realised that it was from our trip to Copenhagen that we were sitting only with the two of us on a sunny terrace outside!

We plan a flee market in the morning and an exhibition (in centre ceramique) of one of my all time favorite childhood illustrators: Fiep Westendorp. I think I will melt from nostalgic feelings when I see her lovely drawings!
My Etsy shop says open all weekend as I have WIFI in our room, so I can come and take a peek in my shop. I still offer FREE SHIPPING? but this is the last weekend. If you like to buy something, don't hesitate, because I am taking all my stuff to the Craftparking fair!