Friday, December 19, 2008

Ik maakte nog enkele nieuwe creaties speciaal voor de Kersthappening in Destelbergen:

Vrijdag 19 dec, van 18 uur tot 21 uur
Zaterdag 20 dec en Zondag 21 dec, van 14 uur tot 18 uur
Burgemeester Meirsonstraat 11, 9070 Destelbergen


I made some new designs for the fair I am attending this weekend.
I will list them in my shop next monday!
And after the Christmas rush I hope I have finally time to :

- make a new shop banner
- get rid of the many ideas in my head and start creating new thngs!
- re-organising my workroom
- go for supplies!

but also:
- going to the movies with my two oldest girls
- painting with the two youngest (as this is what they like the most, besides baking cookies!)
- visiting some exhibitions that are on my list for long
- having a hair cut!!!
- going on a weekend trip with my partner
- enjoy goin to the Sauna!
- clean up the garden...

but first take a long long nap....