Thursday, May 14, 2009

My creative workspace

lots lots lots to do,
Thursday is a day in the week I got a little bit more time for myself and my crafting job, I don't have to drive the kids anywhere and at noon they at eat school, that makes 7 hours all for myself!
But where to begin????

First of all: off running again! I have to pick up that, I know I have to run three times a week , and that it will take months to reach that 'runners high'. But I really need it mentally, (especially for my creative mind) so now going trough the hard times of training ;-) and I treat myself with a home made smoothie after the hard work!

Get organised
I got these in my postbox. A while ago I won a giveway on the blog of RikrakStudio , and I chose these two beautiful pouches out of her collection! (she was featured on etsy, check it out here.) They sure will help me to collect and organise all my bank, shop and creditcards, and I have a lot , as you see!!!

Dreaming of new designs
For a while, I've been collecting little old keys, I want to use them in new creations in my Fairy-tale collection.

Cutting Flowers
You may have noticed that I like cutting those flowers, it's easy, the fun is: I can do it everywhere, when the kids are playing outside I am sitting on the terrace with a cuppa, a pair of scissors and some leather scraps..., in the waiting room of the doctor, in front of the TV...
I hope to make lots of accessoires with them: bracelets, bobby pins, brooches,...
you find them here in my shop.
No time left to...
craft with this DIY package, I bought it a while ago in this shop, but don't know if I will find the time today...
well, I'd better start working , I spend too much hours to this blogpost!!!!
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