Tuesday, April 28, 2009


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If you had told me , twenty years ago, I would have 4 kids at my 40th. I would have thought you were joking.
I never planned to have a bunch of kids! But it just went that way.
After we found out that it was not so easy to have kids of our own, we decided to adopt (and God how I love these girls). All of a sudden (well...) I was pregnant, unprepared!
The first moment I was not ready for a third child, I was so happy with the two girls and that was enough for me, but when the pregnancy proceeded, I began to like the idea of three kids, and when I heard it would be a third daughter I was excited!
I must admit, when I gave birth to a daughter with Downsyndrome, my world collapsed.
But it was hubby who made me see that we had nothing to lose and that life (and happiness) did not stop by having a daughter with handicap. And I thought: why not go for a 4th child, and less the a year later I gave birth to a boy!
and here I am : mother of four!
aren't they lovely : my kids!