Sunday, July 12, 2009

Busy holidays!

It's calm here on my blog lately...
But absolutely not here at home!
Although the weather is absolutely not like summer, we do enjoy this vacation time...
The kids have been experimenting with cooking almost every day, the result is that I have to put myself on a diet now, for some days...:-)(and that I have been cleaning the kitchen every day!)

a handfull of beads on my desk , completely by accident an awesome colorcombo

There is always a littlebit of time left over to play (in my case creating). And as I am more into textile accessories these days, I enjoyed making linen flowers, felting pebbles, felting cat brooches...

Cat heads awaitening to be embellished like these.
I am attending two craft fairs in August and I have the feeling I have to stock up a bit. I am really excited about it, at the craftfair in maastricht I will meet up with lots of EST friends!!!

And now a glimpse of my latest makings:
(Find more pictures on Flickr.)

Purple Linen Trio (available in my shop.)