Sunday, April 19, 2009

new season, new pictures!

The banner of my shop was there for a year now, and with the changing season I felt like a new one. Lately I am also working on fresh, new designs, and I therefore some of my creations are on sale. Just check my SALE section. I am also trying to improve my pictures as the photography is so important on Etsy, first of all, to catch the eye, but also to show the creation exactly how it is in real life, not easy, but a challenge! I am always chasing for new ideas and accessories to presents my creations on,
here are some examples

A ceramic bowl with a deep royal blue glaze

A stone (one of my kids brought home...)

a dried leaf

a handpainted background

a dried branch (from my garden)

An wooden Indian fabric stamp (from the Fairtrade shop)

a colorfull handbound linen book by Katrien Buyle

a piece of wood

a old fashioned (but ever so cool nowadays!) crocheted doily

Most of these accessories are already available in my shop, click on the pic to go to the shop