Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh my deer!!

I got a lovely package today, haha, I should really start a brooch collection,
(well, is there anything I collect not?).

I bought this deer brooch on Etsy from this lovely shop!, She has some great designs!

I found this pin years ago on a flea market in France, I think I only paid 1 Euro :-)

I bought this fawn in Maastricht in a very cute polkadot shop : 'De sprookjeskamer'. If you live not far from there, keep an eye on their webiste, they give great creative workshops, and are also on the hunt for people who can give workshops.!
You can also shop their cute stuff online.

Finally I bought this one on the market, yesterday.
We still are the proud owners (LOL)of an oldfashioned video recorder, and now that everyone throws away their cassettes, you can buy them for almost nothing (à,50 euro).
Did you know that the movie 'Bambi' made by by Walt Disney is based on the book 'Bambi, ein Leben im Walde' (1923) by Austrian- Hongarian author Felix Salten.
My kids are fond of it, and so am I!