Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(how to) Pimp your package!

I ship lots of packages all over the world these days! :-)
The packaging part is not the most pleasant: putting the right stuff into the right envelop, checking,... double checking adresses... making sure the enveloppes are safe sealed...
But I do enjoy packing the jewelry itself, choosing packing paper, matching ribbons, adjusting a cute tag, that is really the fun part of the packaging!

And to avoid that this part becomes boring, I often change my packaging.
(find some older posts about my packaging here and here and here.
Lately I used these butterflies to pimp my jewelry boxes and packages.
I found the digital images at Paperstreet on Etsy, I started with printing them on different kind of papers and cut them out (as you know: I love cutting with little scissors!)
Find below some ideas for pimping your gift package, be creative and try to work with other illustrations like flowers, insects, birds, fairies...
Chose something that fits your style and your jewelry!
Paperstreet has lots of fun digital images instock!
(just click on the images to enlarge them)

- Print the images on different kinds of paper

- cut out the images

- how to make rough edges on fiber paper

- Make the edges wet by dipping them in some water

- rip off the edges carefully and let them dry

- the result: irregular fibery edges

- cut out some tags and glue the butterflies on them, use them as gifttags