Thursday, January 14, 2010

one silk tie - two necklaces

Jimma Necklace

purple river adjustabe necklace

lovely weather today, all the snow was melting away, the sun came peeping and I hurried taking pics!
This is the result of the tie where I put my scissors in: two textile necklaces, one is adjustable with a suede ribbon, the other is the one I showed in the previous post: a necklace of my Jimma collection.

My creative workspace

I decided to hop over, once in a week, to the thriftshop.
It's fun finding cool things that I can upcycle! I like the idea very much of giving a new life to thrown away stuff! and it's amazing how a color, a form or a texture of a find can give new inspiration :-)

so I turned home with:
- a book with linen cover O.50 Euro
That I used right away in my little improvised photo studio! This brand new Japanese earrings pair is in my shop already

- a vintage Children's book: Alice in Wonderland O.50 Euro
A little ceramic milkpot with nostalgic print of roses O.50 Euro
I'll show you later what I am up to, with these finds!

and a silk tie...
The silk tie already changed form:

I learned the technique (of making silk beads) from my dear friend Veerle from Nevousinstallezpas.
added some Ethiopean stilver beads, a beautiful turquoise stone, a verdrigris filigree bead, and handmade pure copper rings to make this beauty!

The Jimma necklace is in my shop right now!

find more of my upcycled thrifts here.