Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Moodboard

Hooligan scarf by P8
Molten metal felted wrap by Ingermaaike
Teal Blue Cable Knit Gloves by Afra
Nuno felted scarf Winter time by Jezek

I enjoy the silence and rest on mondays.
Weekends at ours are always busy and noisy, lots of errands to run and driving kids from here to there. family days are fun but mondays are always a relief....

This monday morning I packed the kids and myself in with lots of scarves, woolen mittens and hats, and off we were, biking to school. The snow is almost gone from te streets so it's safe again to drive!
So what else then a 'warm packed' Monday moodboard!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend and are ready for a good start of the week!

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