Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am back :-)

My blog looks pretty abandoned this week.
In fact I had a incredible busy week.
All sorts of things...
- working on custom order
- hosting 'real life' customers in my little shop (my atelier)
- preparing our weekend to Amsterdam
- continuing my running schedule (5 km , 3 times a week)
- teacher appointments, doctor appointments, therapy appointments...
- preparing yummie meals for visitors
- lots of paper and billing stuff (bwaark!):-(
- making packages ready to get shipped

and so much more...

I am so sorry I had not the energy left to keep my blog alive,
but from today I am back again, despite the fact that I am home alone with the kids this week (Mister hubby is off to Germany),
well, I'll do my best :-)

* I found this cute little basket in the thrifting shop yesterday, lovely!
The new load of earring studs I have put in it are available at Guppies :-)
If you don't live in my neigbourhood you can also purchase them here at Kudzu's or just send me an e-mail :-)