Thursday, November 26, 2009

My creative space today

On my desk today:,
it took me a while to decide what I will work on, today!

- I have plans to make a girly earring collection (from age 8 till 15), I made some fabric studs to sell at the fair sunday and they were very popular, they were priced 9 Euro, and that seems a good price for these girls!

- I have to take up the making of teapot cards too, lots of people ask for them, but yes,... lack of time....

Some cat heads need to be pimped!

- I did made some Japanese Garden earrings yesterday, I gave them silver hooks and now have to put them on the paper tags.

and now I can fill the Japanese Washi rings with resin, kids stuff is all around here, so why not use the Play Doh clay to have a sturdy base for the rings :-))

- I also have an order for a Silk Diva Cascade necklace, so I could wet my hands today and do some felting....

- and finally I will make soup out of this lovely Pumpkin,I got from a very sweet friend, I'll blog about it later when I post the soup recipe!

- But I started cutting those butterflies, I 'tell you soon what I am up to with them :-)