Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to work!

The kids are off to school, ready for a fresh start!
And so am I!
It was about time, I just couldn't concentrate anymore with all those kids around, (not only the four of mine, but always some friends of them around, so really a bunch of kids!)
Finished with long sleeping, staying in pijamas till 12'oclock and having breakfast at noon.
Structure is back in our life, yeah!

I am not used to all this free 'me' time anymore!
Maybe I'll start with a little to do list to refresh my mind :-)
- sending out packages
- working on a new collection for Nathalie
- finishing a custom order
- listing lots of new stuff in my shop
- editing pictures
- cleaning my workroom
- grocery shopping (as the fridge looked very empty this morning)

And these are some of my new designs, soon in my shop!
Autumn Dawn - Necklace
Lavender Fall - felted Necklace

Blue Berries - Earrings