Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Touch of Africa

The last few days were dark! A lot of rain and no much light!
But this morning I woke up because of some rays of sun peeping through the curtains, Yay! Really makes my mood a lot better!

Kids have holiday now and the eldest is experimenting with cooking. Well it results in a very messed up kitchen, but it's worth it! Yesterday she made oven potatoes, not only looks yummie, also tastes delicious!

I managed to take some pics today of unfinished necklaces,
African Inspired (what else, my thoughts are with hubby and Meron in Ethiopea:-))
These necklaces are so very me: a mix of materials,
- some of African origin (Ethiopean silver and resin)
- a natural touch (handmade merino felted wool pebbles)
- Fair trade Vietnamese silk
- a repurposed (vintage) touch: vintage buttons and African Trade beads.
I already took some pics of the necklaces but I have to finish them now with a nice vintage button to make a closure.

hm, I am sure African women would wear them in a bunch around there neck;-)
But I am convinced, with wearing only one you can make a real statement too :-)