Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beautiful, Beautiful secret bunny!

YYesterday I got a lovely package in my postbox, all the way from Stockholm, Sweden!
What a surprise: it was a gift of one of my favorite arists on Etsy, Britta from the shop Birribe.
Birribe has a degree in art and crafts and works with textile materials. She designs textileprints for institutions and privat homes. She is inspired by nature and has her very own colorpallette (which I like a lot!) You can see and feel her passion for colors and nature in all of her creations! (even in the packaging!) Do take a look at her website and discover the beautiful paintings she designs...

Thanks a lot Britta, as you see, a while ago I made a felted brooch that fits perfect with the shawl! And as a cherry on the pie (as we say in Belgium) you present came a day after my birthday!