Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back with pictures!

Gosh, there is so much I have to blog about, and so little time, On Monday were turned home from my parents in law, were we stayed to sleep after the EST dinner,, in the afternoon my mother and Apple (my Brothers girlfriend) came to visit us, on tuesday we visited Ghent with the kids, Apple and my mum. Wednesday today and finally some time to blog!

Finally my laptop is repared, YAY! can't live without!

Pop in often, I will tell you more
- about Maastrichtand shopping there!
- about some wonderfull packages that I found in my postbox back home,
- about some presents I bought for friends
- about our Ghent visit
but first! - about the fantastic day I spend with some fantastic Etsy friends on the Craftparking fair.
This is the old industrial building where the Craftparking Fair took place . A beautiful old industrial site near the Maas. The fair was on the last day of a 5 days Cultural festival! A very good idea, because this brought a lot of visitors and buyers!

While we were selling (inside the building), there was a lot of animation outside with very fun Street Theatre :-)

Preparing our booths: Karlita (Karla) and Nevousinstallezpas (Veerle)

Me (Fleurfatale)and Kraplap (Petronella) setting up our shops.

Mitsy told the story of the making of 99 feelings a 100 times, I think,
:-)) People were really interested!

Veerle recommending her beautiful creations!

Maria and her Lovely partner, all the way from the Canary Islands!

Miss Deerlola (Ina) with a gorgeous booth,
the cupcakes liners to present her earrings turned out a very good idea!

Dinafragola (Nathalie) on her shopping tour (here at the booth of Viltalakim)

Petronella's booth attracted also lots of people!
(to pity I did not have a picture of Peggy, I think she was under the table or out for a walk with Pieter and my hubby!

The shop of Sigmosaics (Kerrin) and next to her Nicole (Babongo) who came to visit us.

Kerrin on a real emotional moment, when she opens her package.
(filled with presents from lots of European Etsy Frends)

Some pictures from the dinner we had in the evening.
I wish the day could have been longer, we had so much to chat, ther was so much to share!
I hope next year we can do this again, maybe with even more Est friends!