Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mix and Match

I have been mixing and matching my beads and materials. I like sorting them by color, by size, by origin...
Trough the years I collected so much findings that it is such a pleasure to use them now and search for the perfect match!
I sort these necklaces under my 'textile jewelry', as the main ingrediƫnt is textile (in this case the ribbon, the silk beads and the merino wool felt)
Click on the pictures to find them in my shop.

spoil yourself!

Hubby is abroad again...
that means more broken nights ( I don't sleep so well when hubby isn't home)
and all the household and children stuff for mummy...

- bringing and getting the kids to school
- bringing kids to after school activities
- cooking
- helping kids with the homework
- putting kids in beds
- playing with kids
- baking the bread
- doing the dishes

Well, I decided to spoil myself. (after I visited the blog of Petitplat, I ran off to the bakery) and I bought myself some yummie pattisserie!