Tuesday, April 7, 2009

simple but strong....

As you know I was the secret bunny for Birribe, a great textile artist i've been admiring for a long time, I love her style and very own colorpalette! (take a look at her Etsy shop and at her website and discover how talented she is!

Creating something for her was not easy, I wanted to make something new, but still my style!
I tried to use the colorpalette she likes and went for a simple but strong design.

I made A double felted dreadlock and pimped it with a crocheted tube bead and a carved turquoise stone bead. it closes with a beautiful coco button covered with enamel.

I liked the new design a lot and I think a new line is born :-)

I just made another one, this time pimped with the crocheted tube bead and a handmade linen flower. Soon in my shop :-)

It's sometimes difficult to chose the lenght of a necklace, I like chokers, but not everyone wears that kind of necklace. So if you ever want to purchase a necklace in my shop, just ask me,
if possible I can always adjust the lenght as you wish!